7 Things Brides-To-Be Can Do During Lockdown!

Coronavirus pandemic is taking over the world and our lives! In this time of uncertainty, there is nothing much you can do than staying positive, productive and surrounding yourself with people you love. The situation is quite unfortunate, but like all things bad this will be over as well. If your wedding has been put on hold because of this and you are a quarantined bride-to-be, here are a few things we have come up with to keep you happy during quarantine!

1. Skincare:

‘I regret taking such good care of my skin’ – said no one ever. Having flawless, brightened up skin is something all brides wish for. And now you have got some extra time to nourish and pamper your skin. Use it! We understand that those relaxing parlor sessions can’t happen anymore but it’s time to take things in your own hands. So start out with DIY’s, massages, masking etc. 

Follow your daily CTM routine. Don’t use a harsh cleanser though as you are at home now most of the time. Use a gel cleanser or make one at home using ingredients straight from your kitchen: gram flour + turmeric + milk/ oatmeal + rosewater/ raw honey or papaya + banana. 

Practice regular masking. Use the ones you have bought or make one at home. Here are 5 Homemade Face Masks All Brides-To-Be Must Use Before Their Wedding!

We would also recommend that you start doing self-massaging to keep the blood circulation flowing. Here is a channel we recommend. She has posted some amazing face massage videos.  

Also, as you are at home, go makeup-free and let your skin breathe for a few days. 

2. Haircare:

After skin, comes your beautiful tresses. Just like skin, there is no such thing as too much hair care. So load up on that as well. Your hair will be a big part of your bridal lookbook. All the dreamy hairstyles you have saved, none of them would look even half as good if your hair isn’t healthy. Use this quarantine time to pamper your hair as much you can. Here are some good homemade hair masks to try with minimal kitchen ingredients:

  • Papaya + Banana + Honey for hydration and split ends
  • Fenugreek seeds + Aloe Vera for hair growth
  • Curd + Lemon for dandruff

Don’t miss out on the nourishing oil treatments as well! Ask your mother or sibling to do a champi for you. This could be an amazing way to pass your time. To steam your hair, wrap around a hot towel for 5 minutes, dip it in hot water again, wring it and wrap around for another 5 minutes. 

Moreover, you are at home, so keep all the heat treatments and harsh sprays away. Let your hair be their natural self for the next few weeks.

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3. Exercise

You might have been following an exercise regimen for your wedding. Continue it at home. Or else, if you have always had the excuse to skip on it because of some prior commitments, coronavirus has pushed them all to the drain. Now you have all the time in the world to maintain a good workout routine. There are so many good channels on Youtube that offer at-home workouts with minimal equipment. One of our personal favorites is Blogilates. She posts different kinds of videos targeting all the body parts. Choose the one you want to work on. Beginner or not – you can find something on her channel that suits your needs.  

Furthermore, if you want to relax a bit and practice Yoga, we highly recommend browsing through YogawithAdrienne’s channel. Here’s a link: 


4. Spend Time With Family!

This is probably one of the best things to have come out of lockdown. Life is so busy these days. It’s hard to find some quality time with your loved ones. This pandemic has given you the perfect opportunity to spend some quality one-on-one with your family before you go on to build another. It wouldn’t have been practical to take this much time out after your wedding. Utilize this time to make some good memories with them because you sure will miss them a lot!

5. Getting more Work From Home done!

Make use of this mandated lockdown to cover up some advanced work. Doesn’t matter if you run a business or have a job, take advantage of this freeness to balance out some work. This will give you some extra leaves and spare time during your marriage and honeymoon. We know it’s hard to build productivity at home with so many distractions like you bed, but you will be thankful to get a chunk of work done later. Here are some tips to get work done from home.

  • Don’t work in your bed. You might be tempted to do so, but don’t.
  • Follow your daily schedule of waking up and going to bed. This is extremely crucial, 
  • Make a separate space at your home where you will only work.
  • Create some boundaries with other people at home. 
  • Schedule breaks.
  • Avoid complete isolation to maintain your sanity. 

6. Stock on some more wedding inspiration!

Wedding industry is forever on its toes. There will always be some new ideas propping up. Keep an eye on them. You might want to incorporate in your wedding. There’s always room to make things better and when it comes to weddings, there is no such thing as absolute perfection. So, stock up on some wedding inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. Give us a follow if you aren’t already. We love keeping you up to date with all the latest wedding ideas and inspiration. 


7. Cooking

Irrespective of what is going on in your life, cooking is an essential skill for anyone to acquire. Even though it isn’t considered a key skill for getting married (Slam that patriarchy!), what’s the harm in learning some new dishes to impress your husband and in-laws? Your mother is at home and so are you, exploit this time to learn some new recipes from her. She will also appreciate the help, now that even maids are stuck in lockdown. 

Here’s a good Youtube channel that offers quick and delicious cooking videos 

How are you keeping yourself busy during quarantine? Let us know in the comments box below!

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