7 Things To Keep In Mind While Planning Your Honeymoon In Maldives

With its serene surroundings, picturesque views, romantic overwater villas and glimmering gold sands – Maldives has become one of the most sought-after honeymoon destinations for couples everywhere. Owing to its proximity to our country, it is now a top choice for Indian couples planning their honeymoon. 

However, wedding shenanigans can easily take away from your time for honeymoon arrangements. The reason why we have listed out 7 things that might not have crossed your mind while planning your Maldives honeymoon. Scroll down to know what they are!

No VISA hassle

Well, you might already be aware of the fact that Indians enjoy VISA on arrival facility in the Maldives. But did you also know that is free of cost! Thanks to economic, cultural, strategic and social relationships between the two countries. And if you love the country too much – Indians get a free 90-day extension on their VISA, a benefit only Indians visiting Maldives can enjoy.

PDA, Alcohol and Bathing Suits are illegal

Maldives is a 100% Islamic country, which means that the rules are strict and must be followed. Women should cover their shoulders and knees and no PDA is allowed. These rules aren’t valid on a private resort island but you will have to keep them in mind if you visit a local island for excursion. 

Speedboats and Seaplanes are quite expensive

After you land at Male airport, you will be escorted to your hotel, which is like a whole other island. You will be carried by a seaplane or a speedboat, neither of which is cheap. They can easily cost you around 20k to 30k (which is almost as much you pay for a flight to Male, Maldives from India). Seaplanes are amazing though, the view you will witness will make you forget about the cost for a while. 

Travelling can be tricky

If you want to visit various islands in Maldives, ferries are not easily available. Weekends in Maldives are Friday and Saturday. Ferries don’t run on Fridays and there is no fixed schedule on other days which can make traveling really uncomfortable for the tourists.

It’s best to carry cash

The local currency of Maldives is rufiyaa. 1 rufiyaa is equal to 4-5 Indian Rupees. Any cash sales are accepted in rufiyaa or USD. But they are very particular about notes offered in USD and only accept it if they are in very good condition. Payment through cards is accepted but hotel authorities will charge a hefty 3.5%-5% commission. Therefore, it’s best that you carry cash with you. 

Collecting and taking seashells is illegal!

Indians have a habit of collecting things for no good reason whatsoever. And when you see a pretty seashell just lying around on the beach, you will have a strong urge to pick it up and take it back with you – well, don’t! It’s illegal and you can land in serious trouble. Shells are home to hermit crabs and control the sandfly population. The Maldives is already prone to effects of climate change and they take marine ecology conservation very seriously. So should you.

Crow Problem:

Maldives island has many crows. Their shrill voice can cause some inconvenience to your relaxing time. They are especially noisy during sunrise and sunset. All you can do is hope that one doesn’t come and caw near your room’s window!

Some other things that you should know while visiting Maldives are:

The peak season is from December to March. Maldives experiences two seasons – one is dry that runs from December to April and the other is wet, which is from May to November. The latter season is full of strong winds and heavy rains. This is why tourists prefer to visit Maldives from December to March. You will see a sudden hike in prices during this season. 

The Internet is really good. For all you techie lovers, net connection in Maldives is not patchy as you would expect. You can buy a local SIM card at the airport itself and your resort’s wifi will also work pretty well.

Well, Maldives doesn’t have any local cuisine as such. Most of the foods are imported and you can enjoy all kinds of cuisines at your hotel including Indian. It won’t be a problem getting Indian food at all! Apparently, at some places, you can get better Indian food than in India itself. 

There’s so much to do in Maldives than to just relax. The island is one of the best destinations for snorkeling, diving and surfing. Since it’s only 1-2 meters above sea level, the marine life that you see will be beyond heavenly. 

Another plus point of visiting the Maldives from India is you can get direct flights from most metropolitan cities at a cost of around 20k (round trip, for one person) with duration not more than 4 hours. By contrast, honeymoon to Europe or US can cost way more and the duration will be longer as well. 

Now you are well aware of all the things that you need to know before you plan your Maldives honeymoon. It’s time to book your tickets and hotel! Happy honeymooning!

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