#TrendAlert: This Couple Had The Most Romantic Honeymoon Shoot Ever!

Splurging on pre-wedding and wedding shoots has now become mainstream. There is a new photoshoot in town which couples are going crazy over – ‘Honeymoon Shoot’. And once you reach the end of this blog, you would want to splurge on this latest trend as well! 

A while back, we uploaded Poorva and Prateek’s full wedding album along with their Paris honeymoon shoot at the end! And you guys showered love like crazy on their honeymoon shoot – so we decided to make a separate blog for it!

If you missed out on their wedding, here’s a link to follow: Dreamy Alwar Destination Wedding Of A Couple Who Spent A Decade Together!

Here are some beautiful pictures that the couple shared from their honeymoon shoot:








Well, in our opinion, it’s a great idea to do a small shoot on your honeymoon. It takes around an hour or so and local photographers are quite skilled at capturing the best spots in the city in the most romantic way ever! Here are 4 more reasons why we think it’s an amazing idea to opt for a honeymoon shoot.

More Quality Time: We all want some memorable pictures on our honeymoon but dragging along the camera equipment from each location to next is exhausting. Sure, your iPhone can click the best pictures but how about you just get one quality DSLR shoot done and not worry about saving up memories for the rest of your time. After all, you came on your honeymoon to enjoy some quality time with the other half and not fret about pictures. 

Have Fun: Remember your pre-wedding excitement where all you had to do was strike some lively and romantic poses and leave the rest on the photographer! This is another opportunity to do it. And it will feel amazing to look back and cherish your first travel experience as a married couple.

Creating memories: Yes, the wedding day is the most important day of your life but don’t you create some of your most special memories while travelling! And your honeymoon isn’t just a normal trip, it’s a celebration of both of you getting married and beginning the rest of your lives. A professional photographer will be able to capture the essence of this precious emotion in the most crisp and flawless manner. 

Taking full advantage of the picturesque location: While you have booked your tickets to some of the most scenic locations ever, why not utilize it fully? There is nothing like the backdrop of an exotic building or breathtaking landscape! Seal in these memories and share it with others by hiring a professional photographer who takes your travel album to the next level. 

What do you think about getting a honeymoon photoshoot? Did our blog and this stunning shoot get you more excited about the idea? Let us know in the comments!

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