7 Best Mattress For Back Pain In India (Orthopaedic Mattresses) 2023

Mattress For Back Pain In India

If you’re looking for the best mattress for back pain in India, you have come to the right place. I empathize with you and surely understand the struggle. Having to sit all day, my hip flexors often misbehave, resulting in pesky back pain by the end of the night. A good night’s sleep where the pressure points are released to provide comfort is necessary to relieve that pain. Considering the factors, attributes, and special features of the different mattresses, I’ve listed the 7 best mattresses for back pain in India for an easier buying decision. Scroll to see: 

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#1 Springwel Orthopedic Mattress in India (Memory Foam)

Best Mattress For Back Pain In India

With more than 50,000+ positive reviews over social media, e-commerce stores, and search engines, Springwel mattress is known to provide specialized comfort with its advanced mattress technology and high-quality materials. The company has been in the business for more than 25 years and has been favored by many in the country since then. Innovation has been at the heart of their brand, and the key reason why they’ve survived over many years in the industry. They were able to meet the expectations of the customers with changing times. 

What It’s Made Of

The main material of the mattress is pressure-relieving memory foam. Good-quality memory foam has amazing pressure relief at key body points like the back, neck, and knees. On the front and bottom are foams for different functions. Below, there’s a high-resilience PU foam to support the memory foam, elevate the durability of the mattress, and not give the users the ticking off skinking feeling while sleeping. Above, there’s a soft foam to support the gentle cradling effect and protect the key memory foam layer from wear & tear. This soft foam is a soft layer so you can experience the benefits of the memory foam layer beneath. On the top and bottom, there’s a premium-quality zipper cover to protect the mattress’ foam.

Features & Reviews

Springwel is a trusted brand. When you’re purchasing a memory foam, trusting a renowned brand is a must. Because of the popularity of memory foam, many manufacturers have started producing a downgraded quality of memory foam. Some of these compromised qualities contain toxic chemicals like isocyanate (a potential human carcinogen), formaldehyde, and naphthalene, which can irritate the skin and the eyes. 

However, good-quality memory foam can do impressive things for your health and joint pain. One of the key attributes is displacing the pressure from points of pain in the body. This helps the body quickly recover from injuries, encourages correct alignment, and boosts healthy blood circulation. After you get out of bed, the memory foam comes to its original shape and you don’t have to worry about the bulging bed without having to toss or turn the mattress. The knitted cover on the top and bottom is breathable and washable for a comfortable experience. 

“Mattress arrived in a very well-packaged condition, but inside there was a bit of tearing issue. The seller is amazing and replaced in one day! Coming to the mattress, I ordered it because of frequent sciatic and cervical pain. The result is beyond my expectations. I don’t wake up with pain in any of these areas anymore. The mattress is super-soft, medium-firm, and looks luxurious in the bedroom. Thank you Springwel!”

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#2 Wake-Up Medium Firm Pocket Spring Mattress 

Best Mattress For Back Pain In India

Founded in 2018, Wake-Up mattresses have quickly made their way to one of the best mattress in India for back pain, sound sleep, and general comfort. They entered the market with one basis in mind – providing the best quality mattress at affordable prices to make sound sleep accessible to the majority of the population. Given their consistent quality, they were awarded the most trusted mattress brand in India at the Global Excellence Awards 2022. Their 8-inch pocket spring mattress is the most popular mattress from their collection and has garnered more than 2500+ positive reviews on Amazon now. 

What It’s Made Of

The main layer of the Wake-Up pocket spring mattress is the high-quality pocket springs in the middle. Spring mattresses contain thousands of coils in the layer. There are two kinds of spring mattresses – Bonnell spring and pocket spring. While in Bonnell, all of these coils are interconnected and can cause partner disturbance and a more sinking feeling, the pocket spring one has these coils contained in small packets to restrict the movement to the given area and prevent any partner disturbance. 

The Wake-Up mattress uses the latter technology for a smoother experience. On the top, there’s a layer of felt – the oldest fabric and common material in mattresses to support uniformity, durability, and protection from external stressors like heat, spillage, etc. There’s also a layer of high-resilience foam on the top for a comfortable sleeping experience. On the top and around, there’s a cotton knitted fabric with quilted foam for ultra-relaxation, breathability, and just the ideal support on the edges. 

Features & Reviews

Spring mattresses have been around for a long time. They are probably the mattresses our parents and grandparents used. And till now, they find comfort in them instead of the foam mattresses. Spring mattresses do have their own unique properties like better circulation because of spaces between the coils, no sinking feeling due to the coil arrangement in pocket spring mattresses, and lower price. 

The Wake-Up Mattress for back pain in India is also more elevated than the other mattress, ideal for anyone looking to increase the height of their sleeping space. The spring used is made of tungsten carbide, a metal that’s 3 times stronger than steel. This metal maximizes the efficiency of processing techniques and protects any wear & tear in the long run. There’s premium foam encasement on the sides for a luxurious and supportive feel on all sides. 

“This is a very comfortable mattress for back pain in India. It takes the shape of the body when you sleep and isn’t too soft or hard. The design is perfect and they even customize to your cot measurements. The seller is also nice and updates and confirms your order as soon as you place it. Thank you WakeUp mattress and Amazon.”

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#3 Comforto Hybrid Mattress

Best Mattress For Back Pain In India

With the motto of “We got your back”, Comforto Hybrid Mattress is a family-owned business operating for over 40 years offline and recently gained a strong online presence given its quality products and strong distribution hold in the market. Their mattresses are well-received in the market and have over 1500+ positive ratings on Amazon. Find a review of their hybrid mattress below:

What It’s Made Of:

The Comforto hybrid mattress comes in 5 layers. On the top, you will find an ultra-premium cover for comfort and ease when you sleep. This cover is only on the top and bottom while the sides are covered with air mesh fabric which gives proper air circulation so the mattress doesn’t trap any dirt or smell and remains fresher for a long time. The next 2 layers come with foam: a comfort foam and a responsive memory foam. The latter is unique as it allows the foam to frame around your body giving you a hugging and comforting feel. Next comes the pocket spring layer which ensures there’s premium comfort and zero motion transfer. Finally, the Turkish padding gives durability to the mattress.  

Features & Reviews:

For those looking for the best mattress for back pain in India, Comforto can be a premium choice among the lot. Designed to improve your sleep, the mattress is made with well-researched materials which gives you optimum comfort and prevents any back or neck pain issues. In general, pocket spring mattresses are designed to be orthopedic mattresses in India, but the pocket spring along with other supportive layers is what gives optimum ease and pain relief to the consumer. 

Comforto has years of experience in designing mattresses that ensure orthopedic comfort. Hence, they have high-quality HD pocket springs that give proper spinal alignment and support. Further, it has other layers of foam and padding which adds to the cosiness and relaxing experience of the mattress. Besides the thoughtful design, the brand also offers a 100-day free trial which means if it doesn’t meet your needs, you can return the mattress without any questions asked! 

“We were looking for a mattress for our guest room and ordered this one because we wanted the bed to be comfortable and inviting. I slept on it after it came and I loved the comfort so much that it’s now in my bedroom. It’s been 4 weeks since I have used it now and it’s super comfortable. I am very impressed with the product and have recommended it to my friends who just moved and they are in love with the mattress too. All I can say is you won’t be disappointed,” writes one of the reviewers on Amazon. 

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#4 Boston Hotel Comfort HR Foam Mattress

Orthopedic Mattress For Back Pain In India

With over 40 years of experience, the Boston mattress brand in India has been the pioneer of many revolutionary mattress technologies in India. They were the first ones to introduce latex and spring mattress in India and were also at the forefront of making online purchasing of mattresses easier for consumers. Their orthopedic mattress in India is affordable, comes with a durable HR foam, and has positive reviews to impress you further. 

What It’s Made Of

The Boston hotel comfort mattress comes with just two layers – one is the high-density HR foam to ensure optimal contentment from the sleeping experience. On the top, there’s a knitted quilted fabric cover to protect the foam and give the users a better external experience in every way. There’s a 1-inch quilted fabric on the top to make sure of this comfort and lavishness. On the sides as well, there’s a quilted and knitted fabric with high GSM to prevent any wear and tear to the mattress and give you a mattress with a good look.   

Features & Reviews

The Boston hotel comfort mattress consists of high-density HR foam. High-density foam has many important characteristics crucial for a good night’s sleep and quick relief from joint pain. One of the main attributes is that it’s density ensures comfortable firmness to support your joints without making them stiff. A high-density foam also has an open-cell structure to allow air to move freely and keep a comfortable temperature throughout the night. Resiliency in these foams is also higher and makes them durable in the long run. 

The cell structure of a high-density HR foam makes the mattress quite responsive and bounces back into shape. In addition, it also offers appropriate support and distributes pressure across a wide area to prevent sinking, hence, is quite beneficial for joint pain.  What’s more, this mattress is recommended by various orthopedics to combat common back, knee, and neck problems. The mattress is available in many sizes to fit the preferences of all. 

“The mattress is neither too hard nor too soft. It’s very comfortable. I was about to shell 25k on a mattress but this one is no less than a high-end one I have in my other bedroom. I have used it for 2 months now and have no complaints so far. The delivery was fairly quick as well,” says one reviewer. “I am writing this review after using this mattress for 5 months. It’s still as good as new and hasn’t retained any shape without flipping. We need another one for a different room and will be going with this one surely. It’s amazing in every sense,” writes another reviewer. 

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#5 SleepyCat Original Mattress 

Best Orthopedic Mattress In India

If you’re looking for the best mattress brand for back pain in India, trust Sleepy Cat to deliver the ideal mattress for your shut-eye! Founded in 2017 by Kabir Siddiq, SleepyCat is the company that introduced the mattress-in-a-box concept to conveniently deliver mattresses and make them easily transferable throughout the nation! From their launch, they have become leaders in the market with their high-quality, well-researched products which are delivering what the consumers have asked for! Read the full review of their SleepyCat Original Mattress below, ranked as one of the best mattress for back pain in India. 

What It’s Made Of:

The SleepyCat Original Mattress comes in 5 layers. The first layer is a machine washable zipper cover made from bamboo fiber fabric which makes it safe for people with dust allergies. Bamboo fabric also doesn’t catch dust or germs easily, making this a hygienic choice as well. The next is an open-cell memory foam. This layer keeps the motion restricted so the sleep of the other person isn’t disturbed because of the movement of one. The next is the most important layer of high-density memory foam which provides strength, stability, and durability to the mattress. This foam is the USP of the best orthopedic mattress in India. Lastly, there are elegant and protective linen side walls which give a sleek look to the product whilst keeping the layers inside safe! 

Features & Reviews:

When you will Google for SleepyCat mattress reviews or search for anything like best mattress for back pain in India Quora or any other public forum or best mattress for back pain and neck pain in India, you will know that it’s ranked highly among the users and rightfully so! Their Sleepycat original mattress comes with open-cell memory foam and a high-density base that makes the mattress durable, comfortable, and sturdy. It has a medium-firmness which is just perfect for those suffering from back pain and discomfort. 

The SleepyCat Ortho mattress also comes in many sizes to cater to the needs of all customers. Besides, the company offers a 100-night trial which means you can return the product within this time period without any questions asked. Further, the mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty which further bolsters the company’s trust in their product and gives assurance to the consumer as well. 

“I did my research on mattresses in a box and I admit I was still hesitant about moving forward with the purchase as I like my mattresses to be firm and taut which I wasn’t sure that a mattress in a box would be able to achieve. Anyway, I decided to purchase this one for a trial and I was pleasantly surprised with the experience. It was easy to open and was incredibly comfortable to sleep. Overall, it’s a good deal and I do recommend this mattress,” writes one of the reviewers on Amazon. 

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#6 The Sleep Company SmartGRID Mattress For Back Pain 

The Sleep Company Mattress For Back Pain

You won’t go through any list of best mattresses in India without missing the name of The Sleep Company. Their revolutionary SmartGRID technology isn’t foam or latex, but rather a patent-pending super stretchy SmartGRID that takes the shape of your body and isolates the motion quite well. The company has been gaining quite recognition for its efforts to create and market innovative technology in an otherwise frumpy market. Read on to see the full review of why this orthopedic mattress in India works great for back and joint pain, and otherwise as well. 

What It’s Made Of

The Sleep Company Orthopedic mattress in India consists of high-resilient foams on the base followed by a 1-inch patent-pending revolutionary SmartGRID. The mattress comes in 2 sizes – 5 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches. The first two sizes come with 1 HR foam while the 8-inch one also consists of a soft layer of HR foam before the SmartGRID layer to provide an extra support layer. On the top, there’s a soft cotton cover for proper air circulation and sweat-free nights. 

Features & Reviews

After realizing that you spend an average of 26 years on your bed, the co-founder of Sleep Company – Priyanka – went on a journey to bring innovative technology into the mattress market. She and her husband, Harshil, created this research-backed SmartGRID to upgrade the sleep quality of every individual. All their raw materials are sourced from Japan and assembled in their state-of-the-art facilities. The materials are used only after a thorough quality check and each mattress is also thoroughly analyzed before being prepared for shipping. 

The Ortho technology in the mattress is designed exclusively to adapt to your body shape and release pressure points to relieve pain and provide optimum comfort. It’s not extra firm but rather offers a cradling feeling to give you an ultra-comfortable sleeping experience. There are also 2500 air channels on the SmartGRID to promote good air circulation throughout the night and give you sweat-free sleeping. With over 5000+ positive reviews, there’s no doubt you’d be tempted to explore this option when searching for the best mattress for back pain in India. 

“I was quite tempted by the new technology of this mattress and decided to give it a try. Words aren’t enough to describe how happy I am with the purchase. The mattress is amazing for sound sleep and cervical pain. I’ve used it for over 5 months and it’s still working well as new. The base is firm and yet not stiff. Even if you’re not satisfied, there’s a 100-day return policy – which I doubt you will use though!” – writes one of the happy reviewers. 

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#7 Cozy Coir Heavy Density Mattress In India For Back Pain

Coir Mattress In India For Joint Pain

A completely eco-friendly, natural option for a mattress for back pain in India is a coir mattress. Coir mattresses are made from the husk of a coconut, also called coir. Since these natural fibers are quite rough, the material is then mixed with latex or PU foam and covered using a thick cotton fabric to make it comfortable to sleep on. The Cozy Coir is a completely sustainable brand and has been in this industry for over 30 years. This company and its manufacturing practices are certified by ISO 9001:2008, BIS, and NSIC. 

What It’s Made Of

This high-density natural coir mattress is used on both sides of the mattress and is covered with a breathable premium quilted fabric to give a comfortable surface on the bedding. In the middle, there’s a foam material to provide extra firmness, support the layers, and up the luxurious attribute of the mattress. 

Features & Reviews

The Cozy Coir heavy-density mattress is made from natural fibers and is a completely sustainable option. If you’re someone who cares about sustainable purchasing and looking for an eco-friendly mattress for back pain in India, this one is the best option on the list. Coir mattresses are also allergic-resistant and are skin-friendly. They are also hygroscopic in nature, which means they absorb any excess sweat during humid weather and keep the temperature cool throughout the night. 

Two layers of coir followed by foam make the mattress medium-firm and offer quite a bit of pressure relief to those suffering from back and neck pain. Both sides of the mattress are usable and you can flip the mattress from time to time to prevent any bending on any side. You get 2 years of warranty with this mattress and the product is delivered straight from their factory to their home. 

Here’s one of the reviews, “Amazing quality and natural coir. After a long day of work, it feels so good to sleep on this mattress. Even after using in the rainy season, it doesn’t give any smell and there’s no change in the posture. There are a lot of customization options available and the customer care is just wonderful. Need to appreciate their way of approach.” Another review says, “The comfort level of this mattress is excellent but height is a bit more than I expected. I received a call from customer care right after placing the order and they provided me with personalized guidance. I was really impressed with the personal touch and overall I am quite satisfied with the product, pricing, and experience.”

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How To Choose The Best Mattress For Back Pain In India

Sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t support your joints can worsen the lower back pain. Lack of support reinforces poor sleeping posture, doesn’t keep the spine in alignment, stiffens the joints, and strains the muscles. Sleep comfort is also sacrificed. Hence, a good mattress to support these joints is important. Here are some practical guidelines to help patients with lower back pain choose the best mattress for back pain in India and ensure optimal back and sleep comfort.

#1 Take Into Account Personal Preference

There is no single mattress style or type that works for all people with lower back pain. Some people like plush mattresses while others can prefer medium-firm. So, choose a mattress that’s comfortable for you instead of the one that’s touted as the best. Your comfort and support are of the utmost importance if you want to get a good night’s sleep and want to wake up with no stiffness in the joints. 

#2 Know The Components Of Your Mattress

The coils or innerspring of the mattress are important for support. Different mattresses have different arrangements of layers to support your back. We have separately mentioned what goes inside a mattress to give you an insight into how the mattress has been made. This will eventually help you determine if the specifications meet your preferences. Take into account the padding, height, and firmness when purchasing a mattress for back pain.  

#3 Find A Mattress That Mentions Orthopedic/ Back Support

A good mattress should provide support to the natural curves and support the natural alignment of the spine. Any mattress that mentions orthopedic or back support is probably working on these attributes and will give you good relief from the joint pain. 

#4 Strike A Balance Between Comfort & Back Support

In the hopes of comfort, we choose a mattress that’s plush and sometimes, also, doesn’t ensure movement isolation. Overall comfort is important though, but so is back supports. That’s why we’d recommend a mattress that doesn’t sink in when you sleep but instead supports your joints.  

#5 Know When It’s Time To Change The Mattress

As a thumb rule, you should change your mattress every 7 to 10 years. Turns out, mattresses tend to visibly sag in the places where it’s mostly used and can cause discomfort to spinal alignment and hence, an increase in joint pain. While changing the sleeping position can be a short-term solution, we’d recommend choosing a different mattress if the back pain keeps increasing. 

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