5 Reasons Why Boxing Is The Ultimate Workout For All Brides-To-Be

Amidst all the pressure of wedding revelries, there is something that comes on top for all brides-to-be. Taking care of themselves. The big day will be here soon. From their hair to skin to body, everything just has to be perfect. The pressure game is strong. Now having a goal to look slim and trim at your wedding is just natural. But you want to look happy and glowing too, that only happens when you don’t starve yourself and over-exert during workouts. And you can still reach your goals by practicing this. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.  

Talking about workouts, the Internet is crowded with different options available for brides. From pilates to HIIT to yoga and resistance training, it sometimes becomes difficult to decide what’s best for you. Even if you go one way – someone will pop up and say oh! So you are practicing yoga then what about training your muscles then and it will start the circle of doubt all over again. Well! Not anymore. 

Because we have got the perfect workout for all brides-to-be! Boxing! And mind you ladies, we aren’t bluffing, we have got 5 solid reasons to prove why boxing is the best workout to tone down for your wedding. 


It is an intense cardio workout. Boxing works on your cardiovascular strength. It will help you burn a lot of fat and also, supports the growth of lean muscle mass. Definitely a better cardio than a treadmill that gets super repetitive and boring. Moreover, boxing also supports muscle power, speed, and agility. This means that boxing is a wonderful combination of cardio + strength training. 


It will give you those chiseled arms, defined legs, and toned abs. Boxing is a full-body workout. You will engage each and every muscle of your body with every move. So, no separate leg day or arms day. This is an all-in-one exercise. When you are boxing, you use your upper body for punching, lower body for strength and core for stability. This means there is a constant movement of all these parts with each session which makes them defined over time!

All you ladies wondering about whether this will help with the area I want to tone before the big day. Here is some good news. Boxing increases the circulation and muscle power all over your body. We know spot reduction isn’t possible but fat mobilization is. Boxing will really help mobilize that stubborn fat and define the areas you want to trim down before the wedding!  


It is one of the most calorie-burning exercises. Boxing burns a whopping 600 to 1000 calories in a 45-minute session. That’s much more than any cardio workout. What’s more. It’s a high-intensity training workout, which means it not only burns calories during the exercise session but after the training session ends as well. 


Hitting things provides great stress-relief. Wedding planning time is rather stressful and worrisome for brides to be. When you hit the bag, you basically need to focus on your moves, which makes all the tension slip out for a while. Or better, just imagine the boxing bag to be that irritating rishtedaar who just can’t seem to get enough attention. 

All in all, the point is hitting the bag or just kicking in the air itself makes you feel really good. It gives you a sense of empowerment and control too. The satisfaction you feel when that punch starts making a louder noise and thumps hard at that sweet spot is extremely satisfying! Enjoy these psychological benefits of boxing and get set to deal with any hiccup wedding planning that decides to throw at you. 


Probably more fun than other workouts. Boxing and martial arts are super fun to attend. And if you are having fun, it is highly unlikely that you will miss out on any day of your workout. The difficult part of any workout routine is not setting it up but rather sticking to it. As a bride, each day is packed with commitments. It’s easy to find an excuse to miss out on your workout session. Not when you are enjoying the workout session though. With boxing, you’ll be looking forward to your exercise sessions, which means consistency and faster results. 

Make a note that these benefits are only elaborated from a bride-to-be’s point of view. Boxing provides a lot of other advantages like increased bone mineral density, better cardiovascular health, amped up mental toughness, instant adrenaline rush etc. 

“Heels off, gloves on”. But how to start boxing while quarantining. Well, here’s a good video to start with: 


Another great benefit of boxing is basically you are building a skillset. Self-defense is a beneficial skill for anyone to possess, especially girls. Need a little more push to start this super workout routine. Well, a lot of famous models and actresses are actually obsessed with boxing like Adriana Lima, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Gisele Bundchen etc. Disha Patani is also popular to flaunt her boxing skills time and again through social media! And she is extremely toned.  

Boxing for Brides
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