10 Easy AF Sweet Dish Recipes For All Brides Who Suck At Cooking

Bill Gates said, “I will always choose a lazy person to do the hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

And wasn’t the world’s richest man just right. If you are someone who sucks at cooking and feel like even taking cooking classes during your bridehood might not help that much, we know your lazy ass is looking for some easy recipes to rescue you from the quintessential ‘rasam’.

Don’t worry, we have scoured the Internet just to find them for you. Here are 10 Easy AF sweet dish recipes you need to bookmark right away.

#1 Sooji ka Halwa:

Halwa is like a classic favorite of all Indians especially elders. It might look difficult to prepare, but that’s not the case. Just make sure that the sooji: water+milk ratio is 1:4 and you are good to go!

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#2 Kheer:

Kheer is probably the most effortless recipe on this list. It’s as close as just boiling rice in milk considering you’ve figured out the proper ratios. And once you make it, you will feel quite accomplished as a cook.

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#3 Coconut Ladoo:

Ladoos are basically the reason why most of our diets fail. These little balls of heaven are just irresistible. Making coconut ladoos is easy-breezy. They are rich, creamy and they are LADOOS for god’s sake!

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#4 Shrikhand:

This name itself dives us into the memory of having this creamy sweet just melting away in our mouth. Generally served with poori, shrikhand requires some prep-work before making but it’s so simple that you don’t even have to turn the stove on even once. We are not kidding!

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#5 Mango Kulfi:

Who doesn’t love mangoes? And who doesn’t love kulfis? (Mmmmm..) Okay, so this recipe might be a little laborious but it’s literally so easy to nail it down. Also, it will make you the ‘star’ in your sasural on day one.

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#6 Coconut Mango Barfi:

This dessert is a great twist to your coconut ladoos. All you have to do is add mango puree and shape it in the form of barfi. The recipe is also pretty straightforward, really.

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If you don’t want to make anything desi and want to try your hand at western recipes, we have scoured those as well.

#7 Vanilla Cake:

Celebrate your first day in sasural with this easy-peasy cake recipe. We guarantee that once your in-laws eat this cake, they will want you to make it on every special occasion. Yes, it’s that good!

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#8 Loaded M&M Oreo Cookie Bars:

Making cookies is not easy but load them up with existing food wonders – oreos and M&Ms – and you have sealed yourself an easy deal. If M&Ms aren’t available, just use gems. Buy extra because you know you are gonna munch on them while preparing.

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#9 No-Bake Oreo Truffles:

Another oreo recipe because these cookies are basically the saviour for all those who suck at cooking but still want to make something lip-smacking. This recipe is easier than you think! We love it.

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#10 Peanut Butter Cups:

This flavorful frozen dessert is made up of peanut butter and chocolate. And just one more ingredient. Sugar. Yes, this recipe has only three ingredients. It’s your favorite one, isn’t it?

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