5 Best Tips To Control Hairfall & Boost Hair Growth Just In Time For Your Wedding

Your hair is the best crown you can wear. All those gorgeous bridal hairstyles that you have pinned and saved will only shine with all their glory if you have healthy and thick tresses. However, wedding planning stress and anxiety along with the pressure to lose weight can easily cause hair fall and hair thinning. To counteract them, we have listed down 5 best tips to control hair fall and boost hair growth just in time for your wedding! 

Eat well

You are what you eat! A notion that always holds true. Eating well is key to your hair health. If your hair is falling out, get tested for any nutritional deficiencies, especially iron, Vitamin B12 or Vitamin D. Start taking a nutritional supplement for your hair. Try these Simply Nutra Gummies or Purna Multi-Vitamin Gummies. But keep in mind, that supplements don’t swap for a proper balanced diet. Eat foods that are great for hair growth like nuts and seeds, whole grains, citrus fruits, vegetables, etc. Try to eat 3-4 dates every day. They are amazing for hair health. 

Brides, we understand that you want to lose weight fast for your wedding, but crash diets are certainly not the way to do that. They can deteriorate your skin health, lead to hair fall and reduce muscle mass. Certainly, it does more harm than good. Instead, eat healthily, do one cheat meal a week instead of one whole cheat day, do strength training and sleep well! This is the only healthy way to lose weight.

Do yoga, especially inversions

Yoga is really great for your hair. It calms you down, boosts circulation and improves your gut health. All of these factors are key to hair health. Here are 6 best yoga asanas to practice daily to boost hair growth: 

  • Forward Bend Pose
  • Camel Pose
  • Legs-up-the wall pose
  • Downward Facing Dog
  • Fish Pose
  • Rabbit Pose

Stay in these asanas for around a minute or so and repeat 2-3 times. Apart from these poses, breathing exercises like kapalbhati and thunderbolt pose helps too! 

Try these home remedies

Our mothers and grandmothers are always advising on gharelu nuskhe that makes your hair healthier. That can be anything from using fenugreek, onion juice, ginger to aloe vera, reetha powder or neem leaves. Your kitchen is full of ingredients that are great for all hair problems. Salon treatments are great but there is no beating natural ingredients. 

You can use different kitchen ingredients for different problems like banana, honey and curd hair mask for split ends and dry hair, fenugreek and aloe vera for hair fall, onion juice for hair growth, egg for hair thickness and lemon juice with coconut oil for dandruff. Although, keep in mind that not all masks will suit you, try some before finalizing on one. 

Real Bride’s Story: One of our brides, Shakeena, told us over Instagram how she used Reetha powder to wash her hair instead of shampoo. She used it alternately with her daily shampoo and saw a huge difference in her hair health. This is the powder she used, Khadi Reetha Powder

You can make your own reetha, amla, shikakai shampoo at home. Here’s a good video to watch. 

Home remedies have been tried and tested for ages. You can use them blindly to reach your hair goals before the wedding. 

Don’t oil your hair overnight!

Oiling your hair for longer periods of time causes dirt to accumulate in your hair follicles and blocks them. This prevents hair growth. Oil your hair for a maximum of 2 hours and steam for 5-10 minutes. If the steamer isn’t available, take a towel, dip it in hot water, wring it properly and wrap around your hair for 2 minutes. Repeat 4-5 times. 

The best way to get maximum benefits of all kinds of hair oil is to mix them all! We are not kidding, even celebrities use this trick. Get all the oils available in your home – olive, coconut, mustard, castor, etc. Warm them up a little and massage your hair with it. If you are adding any essential oil, then don’t heat the oil concoction. Here are 5 best essential oils to add to your mixture: 

  • Rosemary Essential Oil (hair thickening elixir and the best oil for hair growth, add 4-5 drops to your shampoo and conditioner and see the magic unfold!) 
  • Lavender Essential Oil (has naturally soothing properties, which means it can easily counteract the effects of wedstress on your hair)
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil (strengthens hair follicles while fighting dandruff and that yucky white buildup on the scalp)
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil (dandruff and bacteria killer, it keeps your scalp clean and lets your follicles breathe, promotes hair growth as well)
  • Peppermint Essential Oil (great for stimulating scalp and increasing dermal thickness, but not for those who have dry scalp or brittle hair)

If you are using essential oil in your oil mixture, don’t add too many oils, a mixture of 2-3 carrier oils (coconut, olive or almond) mixed in with any essential oil works best! 

Pro Tip: If you do want to oil your hair overnight because they are extremely dry, just oil the ends and not the scalp. Oil the scalp in the morning. This will prevent any blockage of hair follicles due to overnight oiling. 

Visit a good dermatologist

This should have been the first step of your bridal hair care regime. As soon as you enter your bridehood, you should get an appointment fixed with a dermatologist. There are some things that only they can decipher and correct. Hairfall and hair thinning can be caused by various factors and a good dermatologist properly analyses the scalp and finds the problem for you! For example, if you are suffering from dandruff, then she will check how much dandruff you do have and prescribe a proper shampoo with a proper percentage of fighting ingredients to make sure it goes away in time! 

Bride Story Time: We had a bride reaching out to us, who was suffering from acne only around her hairline (forehead and sides of her face). She tried everything but wasn’t able to get rid of it. When she finally decided to see a dermatologist, she got to know the real reason for her acne. It was dandruff. Her dermatologist then prescribed her a medicated shampoo, tretinoin and kojic acid cream for acne scars. And her forehead was clear just in time for her wedding. See! Sometimes, you need medical assistance. Google can’t solve everything. 


One more tip to make sure your hair remains healthy is to not use excessive heat on your hair, especially if you have split ends. Heat makes your hair dry and makes split ends worse, so, just put that straightener down! 

We really hope that these tips get you the dream hair you have always wanted at your wedding! 

P.S.- We want to know what worked for you so we can include it in this blog and motivate other brides too. Just drop us an email on We would LOVE to hear from our gorgeous brides!

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