17 Glamorous OTT Naths You’ll Love & 4 Reasons To Wear Them On Your D-Day!

Bridal Naths, an accessory that lost its significance over time, only until a few years back. This traditional piece of jewellery has now found its way back to the brides and in the most sensational way ever! From small cute ones to oversized glamorous ones, bridal naths have definitely become an important part of the bride’s ‘solah shringar’. And we are completely here for it.

In fact, some brides are choosing to go all-in and opt for naths that are OTT yet phenomenal. If you are someone who would like to stand out too with your OTT style, we have fished out some extraordinary oversized bridal nath designs to draw inspiration from! Check it out.

1. Minimalistic Oversized Nath for brides who want to play safe!

Bridal Nath
Via: @storiesbyjosephradhik

2. Pear-shaped polki diamonds stacked beautifully to make for an impressive nath design! 

Oversized Bridal Nath
Via: @morviiimages, @jasmeetkapanyofficial

3. We think this bride really made a statement with her gorgeous nath piece!

Oversized Bridal Nath
Oversized Bridal Nath
Via: @gautamkhullarphotography, @pakkhi

4. Shining in all her glory with a captivating OTT nath!

Oversized Bridal Nath
Via: @coolbluezphotography, @simran.takkar

5. #jewellerygoals, right?

Oversized Bridal Nath
Via: @cupcakeproductions13, @samridhidhillon, @kavitaverma52_

6. We just love this bride’s OTT jewellery choices!

Oversized Bridal Nath
Via: @makeupbyshubhdeepgill

7. Just look at those little pearls dropping from her nath!

Oversized Bridal Nath
Via: @jasmine_beauty_care

8. Queen Deepika defining royalty yet again!

Oversized Bridal Nath
Via: @sabyasachiofficial

9. For brides who are a big fan of kundan-polki jewellery, this is it!

Oversized Bridal Nath

Oversized Bridal Nath
Via: @razzfilmsandphotography, @kamnasharmaofficial,
@geetascouture, @harpreet9450

10. Elegant, gorgeous and spectactular! 

Oversized Bridal Nath
Oversized Bridal Nath
Via: @rimpleandharpreet

11. We love this full traditional look!

Oversized Bridal Nath
Via: @kulwantsm, @uvghai

12. There’s so much to love about this bride but we will go with the nath!

Oversized Bridal Nath
Oversized Bridal Nath
Via: @harvarindersingh

13. Mind=Blown!

Oversized Bridal Nath
Via: @razzfilmsandphotography, @shahid_naar

14. We are just stunned by her beauty!

Oversized Bridal Nath
Oversized Bridal Nath
Via: @makeoverbyindu, @memoirs_jaipur

15. We can stare at her nath all day long! (Not exaggerating)

Oversized Bridal Nath
Via: @riddhiparicreations, @cinedowed, @palakaaroramakeupartist

16. For the love of pearls!

Oversized Bridal Nath
Via: @tanyakaur_makeupartist, @harleendeol7

17. Kundan, pearls and green stones all set beautifully to create a charming nath!

Oversized Bridal Nath
Oversized Bridal Nath
Via: @facestoriesbyleenabhushan, @the_photoroosters_production

If these brides didn’t do the convincing for you, here are 4 more reasons why we think you should choose an oversized nath as part of your bridal jewellery:

  • It makes you stand out. If you need a reason to look a little unique from the rest of the brides, then we think going for an oversized bridal nath is the way to go.
  • Gives out the graceful traditional vibes. In old times, a lot of brides wore oversized naths for full-on traditional vibes and remember the look of Deepika in Padmaavat, oversized naths sure can give a complete royal jibe to your bridal avatar.
  • They can help you go viral. Now, who doesn’t like their wedding pics getting admired by all the other brides-to-be out there! Oversized naths can help you with that.
  • It goes with literally all face shapes and all kinds of bridal attire. All the brides shown have different face shapes, wearing different colors and belong to different parts of India – but they all are carrying OTT nath with sheer perfection. This means that this can be counted as a highly versatile jewellery piece which you have no reason to miss out on.

So would you go for an OTT nath for your wedding? Let us know in the comments section below!

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