8 Couple TikToks To Make With Your Partner During Quarantine!

Lockdown 4.0 is on the way! A number of relaxations are being made by the government, which means you will have a little something to do. However, we still don’t think many people will be stepping out because the hidden enemy is still out there. And it’s safe to say, you shouldn’t too. The relaxations were necessary to resolve the plight of migrant workers and get the economy back on track. And we should contribute to this agenda only!

We understand it’s becoming a little frustrating to stay at home now. With restaurants and roads open, you will want to go out. And all the fun things at home are now making us feel bored. Ludo, cards, board games etc. have lost all their charm. The boredom is getting the better out of you. But really? Don’t you have anything else to keep yourself entertained!

Turns out, you do. TikTok. One of the most used apps currently. You might have seen stories of your relatives and cringed at them. But they are super fun to make and since it’s a video, time consuming too! Who had time to make the before #quarantinelife. Now time isn’t the problem. So, here are 8 fun couple TikToks you can make with your partner:

1. Q&A Couples Challenge 


2. Your Last Move Is Their First Move 


3. Plank Challenge


4. Before and After


5. Bed Fall Challenge 


6. Toosie Slide Challenge


7. Fun Pranks


8. Blindfolded Ooooh Na Na 


TikTok has become one of the most popular and interesting apps. In September 2018, it took over all social media giants including Facebook and Instagram in monthly installs in App Store. It’s still behind them for the number of users, but ahead of Snapchat and Twitter. These are just the gist of popular TikToks that the couples are making lately. You can go ahead and get creative like including more of your family members in this or making a fun one like what Shilpa Shetty made with her Raj Kundra! 

 Which one are you gonna make with your partner? Let us know in the comments down below!

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