#BridalSkincare: Here’s How To Protect Your Skin and Hair from Holi Colors

Holi is just around the corner and so is the wedding season. Holi 2020 will be celebrated on the 9th and 10th of March and weddings are happening all through April, May, June, and July. If you are a summer bride-to-be, it’s natural that you wouldn’t want any mess up in your skin or hair care routine. We understand your concern well and that’s why we are jotting some of the best skin and hair care routine tips so you can enjoy the festival of colors without compromising on your bridal routine!

#1 OIL your hair properly

Oil your hair like you have never done before. A combination of olive oil, almond oil, and coconut oil works the best as they have a thicker consistency than other oils. Warm up the mixture of these oils and apply them thoroughly to your hair. Also, don’t wash your hair a day or two before so your scalp is not vulnerable to chemicals in the Holi colors.

#2 Prep up your skin

Your facial skin is very sensitive so you need to take some extra care. Moisturize your skin properly with a thick moisturizer that stays on. Try Face Shop Rice & Ceramide Emulsion. It sinks in within seconds and leaves your skin deeply hydrated. You can also use coconut or olive oil if your skin isn’t prone to breakouts. Let the moisturiser sit on your skin for 5-10 mins and then apply a good waterproof sunscreen that has an SPF higher than 30. You can also use it on your arms and feet – basically, any other area that will be exposed to the sun a lot. 

#3 Take care of your full body

Being a bride means everything matters – not just your skin and hair. Massage the mixture of oils, that you prepared for your hair, on your body as well. Warming the oil mixture will help in sinking the oil, which means more overall protection for you!

#3 Lip Care

Apply a good thick layer of lip balm followed by a lipstick that’s waterproof and has good stay time. This will help create a nice barrier between the Holi colors and your lip!

#4 Apply some vaseline on your ear and hairline

You might have noticed that most of the color generally stays on around the hairline or around your ear. So put an extra layer of protection by slathering on some vaseline at both these places. 

#5 Nails

Nails are another place where Holi colors can easily stay on! Don’t go for any manicures before Holi. It will be a complete wastage of your money and time. To protect your nails from getting colored, apply 2 to 3 coats of nail paint followed by a transparent polish. This will safeguard your nails from colors! 

#6 Aloe Vera Gel for that extra edge

Apart from oiling and moisturizing, we advise that you apply a layer aloe vera gel to your hair and face. Let it dry. It will serve as a great barricade between your skin/ hair and holi colors. It will also keep your skin & hair hydrated and prevent any dryness that comes after bathing. 

#7 Use organic colors

Organic colors are so much better than the harmful holi colors that are sold in bulk nowadays. They are not damaging to your skin and are easy to remove. If someone cribs about it saying that’s not how Holi is really played, throw your ‘bride-to-be’ tag at them and let them know that the bride always gets her way!

#8 Opt for proper clothing

Heavy clothing like denim will absorb the colors more, which might result in rashes and redness on your skin. Wear light and easy clothing that dries up faster like cotton or khadi. Also, wear clothes that cover most of your skin. 

Post-Celebration Bridal Care

1. Make a face & body pack with 4 tbsp gram flour, 1 tbsp sooji, 1 tsp turmeric, 1 tbsp malai, and around 2-3 tbsp milk/ buttermilk to form a thick consistency pack. After washing off the colors with water and mild soap, pat it dry and apply this pack on your face and whole body. Let it dry and rub it off. This will take down all the impurities at once. 

2. As for your hair, wash it with plain water. Let it dry a little bit and apply plain curd. Leave it on for 45 minutes. Wash off with a mild shampoo and condition as usual.

3. If there’s redness or rashes on any part of your body, rub some aloe vera gel or ice wrapped in a cloth on the affected areas. 

4. Moisturise your face and body properly. You can opt for natural means like coconut oil or olive oil or try this Aveeno moisturiser. It’s non-greasy and extremely hydrating. As for the face, you can try the Face Shop Emulsion that we linked above!

5. Don’t go for any parlor or facial treatments right away. You might be tempted to do that. But let your skin breathe for 3-4 days and then you can indulge in your bridal spa treatments as usual!

    Brides-to-be, we hope you and your skin/ hair have a safe & happy Holi! 

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