15 Night-Time Habits To Look Absolutely *Breath-Taking* As A Bride

Having a realistic beauty routine in place is conducive to all your bridal goals – from healthy tresses, radiant skin to better exercise output and stable mental health. Clearly, you can’t take it lightly. Give yourself the best pampering at night with these easy-breezy night-time habits.  


#1 Moisturise 

Night-time is the best time to turn your skincare game on in full swing. Get all your antioxidant, vitamin-packed serums and moisturizers ready because it’s time to reap their benefits. Start off with removing your makeup, apply a toner, put a light layer of serum and then, slather on some moisturizer. Don’t put a thick cream though, it can make your face look greasy in the morning. (You can go for this amazing Klairs moisturizer) Opt for light-weight, hydrating products. And oh! Moisturize your lips too. Try this Neutrogena lip balm which even Deepika Padukone uses!


#2 Scrubbing & Masking 

It’s better to scrub or mask at night than in the mornings because first off, mornings are way more hectic and second, you would have to apply sunscreen and makeup on top of your skincare products which can reduce their benefits. Make them a part of your night-time routine, practicing both 2-3 times on a weekly basis. Here is a good scrub and brightening sheet masks to try: The Face Shop Honey Black Sugar Scrub and The Face Shop Glow Sheet Masks


#3 Soothe your eyes 

Your eyes are one of the best features of your face. Naturally, you need to give them much attention and love. Apply an antioxidant-rich eye cream (like this one Dot & Key Illuminating Eye Cream) with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, ceramides, and retinol every night before you go to bed. Use your ring finger to dab the eye cream as it applies the minimum pressure on the gentle skin around your eyes. If you suffer from eye bags, choose an eye cream that has caffeine or green tea in it. 


#4 Don’t hydrate 

This might sound contrary to what you have heard till now. But drinking a lot of water at night can lead to a bloated stomach in the morning. Stick to drinking only 1-2 glasses of water an hour or two before bedtime. 


#5 Meditate 

Pre-wedding time can easily take a toll on your mental health – even if you are someone who considers themselves emotionally stable. Meditation can make your bride-ready journey fruitful in a lot of ways. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, calms you down and will promote better beauty sleep. Start meditating daily for 10-15 minutes before you go to bed.  


#6 Get Comfortable 

Create a restful environment. Dim down the lights, set an ideal temperature and cozy up with some snuggly pillows. Wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes (like this specially designed ‘bridal beauty sleep’ t-shirt) to allow for easy movement as tight clothing prevents melatonin levels from elevating at night. 


#7 Digital Detox

 Your phone preys on your excitement. It’s always like let’s browse through some more of Sabyasachi feed or let’s look at some more of mandap designs – maybe I will find my dream one right now! Well, you can find it tomorrow. Keep your phone aside for at least an hour before you go to sleep. This will help you to sleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep as well.  


#8 Sip in the right bedtime drink

There are some beverages that can help with quality shuteye, calms you down and even fires up your metabolism. These include turmeric milk, chamomile tea, ginger tea with lemon and peppermint tea. Savor them within half an hour of going to bed. 


#9 Apply a moisturizing hand cream 

Excessive hand washing and other environmental factors can make your hands dry. Put on some thick moisturizing cream (like Moroccan Oil Hand Cream) that absorbs easily on your hands. You can also take some almond oil and rub it on your hands for a few seconds. Keep it on overnight and you will wake up with soft, smooth hands. 


#10 Show some love to your feet 

Being a bride-to-be, you are always on your feet, literally! This can cause dead skin cells to accumulate on your feet, making them look dry and flaky. Make it a point to lightly scrub them before you go to bed and apply some ghee, olive oil, etc. Put on socks,if you can, as it will help seal in the moisture. 


#11 Brush your teeth 

“A great set of teeth is part of your beautiful smile – so take care of them wisely” – All brides want to have amazing wedding photos – as they will lock in the memory of this day forever. Needless to say, pretty whites are crucial for stunning photos. So don’t forget to brush and floss before you go to bed every night. 


#12 Tie up your hair 

It’s best to keep your hair tied up as it helps prevent tangles and knots. Tie it loosely though as tight hairstyles can weaken your hair from the scalp and cause hairfall. Also, hair contains dirt, which when left loose can get in contact with your skin and lead to breakouts and acne issues.  


#13 Warm bath 

A relaxing bubble bath can loosen up your tense nerves, reduce stress and make you happier. To start off, add bath salts like epsom salt, some essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, etc., exfoliating and soothing ingredients like oatmeal, honey, etc., put on a face mask and unwind yourself with a good book or listen to some music. Schedule a nice bath on your self-care day to get away from all the wedstress and recharge your mental energy. 


#14 Read something (not related to your wedding) 

Ironically, the worst offender in you getting quality sleep is the exact thing you’ve been dreaming about – your big day. It’s important that you cut off your wedding planning stress before going to bed. Grab a book that interests you – it can be a fiction novel, motivational book or a newspaper. Studies have shown that reading before bed is much more relaxing than any other activity like listening to music or drinking tea.

#15 Use a silk pillowcase 

Being referred to as the latest beauty weapon, a silk pillowcase is a must-have for brides. Silk creates less friction than any other material which means it helps our skin and hair retain moisture, reduces the appearance of fine lines and prevents split ends. It does offer a great amount of value for a simple swap. Try this one right here.

Ideally, beauty sleep should be between 7-8 hours. To be exact, many studies have pointed out that 7 and a half hours is an ideal time to get in all the benefits of your sleep. Quality matters too. Before tucking yourself in bed, follow these 15 rituals to amplify the perks of your beauty sleep!

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