30 Best Floral Bridal Bun Hairstyles For This Wedding Season!

When Anushka Sharma debuted her bridal look with a floral bouquet bun – she marked the start of a trend that still remains a bridal favorite. With their eye-pleasing charm and absolute elegance, floral bridal buns are undeniably one of the best choices for a bridal hairdo. Saving some of your time, we have collated some of the best floral bridal buns we spotted on brides since this trend came into place. 

Get ready to bookmark your favorites! 

#1 Starting off with the trendsetter herself. A bridal bun full of Tuscan hydrangeas in shades of white and pink. 

#2 A beautiful infusion of pink flowers perfectly matching the bride’s lehenga!

#3 Playing with the baby’s breath and adorning them just below your messy bridal bun.

#4 When all you need is some lilac lilies to portray the magic of floral bridal bun!

#5 Exploring the elegance of fresh baby’s breath for brides who love the idea of simplicity

#6 A combination of yellow and pink flowers stacked on the side of your packed bun.

#7 Blush pink flowers and baby’s breath perfectly set around a neat bun setting!

#8 Playing with colors in the bridal bun with a monotone lehenga is a superb idea!

#9 We are in love with the gorgeous hues these flowers are giving this bride’s hair and lehenga!

#10 And for the minimalistic bride, just a few flowers and baby’s breaths always does the trick. 

#11 The elaborate floral bun perfectly complements the bride’s dupatta portrait!

#12 A unique setting for the flowers of your bun!

#13 Another bride who just opted for baby’s breath to showcase that elegant floral bun!

#14 Those roses and petals are a perfect setting to match the bride’s lehenga work.

#15 Messy bun with colorful flowers set up all around is always a good idea!

#16 When you are a matching queen and want it to come off in your floral bun hairstyle as well!

#17 What a random yet subtle use of roses. 

#18 Another messy bun setting with flowers arranged randomly yet beautifully throughout the bun.

#19 A perfect setting of roses along the sides of a classy bun!

#20 Want to twin with your mother on the big day? Here’s an idea.

#21 Just a gorgeous bouquet of different shades of pink and baby’s breaths!

#22 We are and will always be a fan of brides who go OTT!

#23 Mogra flowers and roses giving a perfect ombre effect to this bridal floral bun.

#24 Not a fan of roses? Go for petals instead. They look great too, as you can see.

#25 Clearly, baby’s breaths are the most favorite option for a bridal floral bun. We aren’t complaining. 

#26 Just a full mogra flowers mala wrapped around a traditional bun looks majestic. 

#27 Messy bun and messy flowers make for a ethereal bun setting.

#28 And yet one more bride who went for petals instead of full roses for her bridal hairstyle.

#29 A captivating bunch of beautiful flowers and leaves is making this bride look absolutely graceful. 

#30 If you are a big fan of floral buns (like us!), going completely OTT is always a perfect choice!

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Floral buns, undoubtedly, take your bridal look up a notch. Opt for any of these styles, the one that suits your style and personality, and we are sure your dream bridal look will look a little extra dreamy with it!

P.S.- Even though we try our best to include the credits of all the vendors whose hard work has given us the beautiful images for this blog, at times, we can’t find the source. If any of these pictures belong to you or you are aware of the source, please do let us know on our email address We will include the credits immediately. Thank you for supporting us. 


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