Proposal Goals Alert! This Blogger Was Surprised By Her Dreamy Maldives Proposal

We are in love with the idea of love! So naturally, we are a big fan of proposals too. After all, that is 'the DAY' you decide that you will be spending the rest of your lives together. Therefore, it has to be special and planned elaborately. And this groom made sure that their proposal was not only planned to every detail but was as magical as possible. 

Neil Sanghvi proposed to her blogger girlfriend, Sonam Babani of Fashioneress, in the Maldives - which is like the most romantic place on Earth. Read on to know more details about their stunning proposal. 

Neil and Sonam met in school and while you may think its a school sweethearts kind of story, it isn't. They were friends for a long time and always bumped into each other along the way. It was only 3 years back when their relationship finally took the next step and they formed a strong emotional connect. In Sonam's words, "I mean, where Neil had touched my heart, that feeling was irreplaceable!" 


Talking about her awesome vacation, Sonam said that the Maldives vacation was actually planned for her birthday and further added that she did suspect a proposal sometime next year but not during this trip. But Neil already had it all planned out. He sneakily asked Sonam about her preferences for diamonds, went to her home before the trip to ask for her parents' blessings and took her mom and his mom for the ring shopping. What a gentleman! 

The secret proposal  

Neil and Sonam spend their first three days in Maldives enjoying the beach life. And on Sonam's birthday, both of their families arrived to join them for the celebrations. 

The next day was warm and sunny, so Neil suggested that they take a boat ride and click some good pictures together. "I packed my sunscreen, sunnies and little knickknacks for a three-hour-long boat ride. We got into the hotel buggy and were walking towards the destination. On reaching the pool deck, I  realised that there wasn't any boat, instead, there was a pool of roses with the words 'will you marry me?" revealed Sonam.

And the best part was that we had both of our families present to celebrate this special day with us, added Sonam. 

That ring though!

Can't decide what we are in love with more - their breathtaking proposal or that gorgeous diamond ring! 

Many congratulations to the happy couple. Sonam and Neil, you guys look stunning together. 

A grand gesture of love always makes a girl's heart melt, and proposals top the list of any gesture you ever make. Make sure it's personalised, planned and becomes the most beautiful memory of your lives. Send this article to your partner and drop some hints. Because this guy has seriously set some major goals for all men out there!  

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